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Handling method for sudden failure of jaw crusher
05-18-2019, 12:47 PM
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Handling method for sudden failure of jaw crusher
In the process of using any equipment, some small faults will inevitably occur. The SBM Crusher is no exception. If the machine is in a process of sudden shutdown, don't be nervous. Look for the cause and solve the problem in time to avoid it. The efficiency of the entire production line. Below SBM Heavy Industries will provide you with an introduction to the sudden shutdown of the jaw crusher and the solution.
1. In the process of using the equipment, there is no reasonable addition of materials, which causes the discharge port of the machine to be blocked and the crushing cavity to block the material. Therefore, it is necessary to promptly remove the blockage of the discharge port to ensure smooth discharge.
Second, the machine is subjected to a huge impact force during the work, which causes the eccentric shaft to tighten the bushing, causing no gap on both sides of the bearing housing of the frame, so that the eccentric shaft is stuck and cannot be rotated, so the Quarry crusher is I can't work properly, so when this happens we need to reinstall or replace the bushing.
Third, the power of the jaw crusher is driven by the transmission belt, and the belt is too loose to cause the belt to slip, thus affecting the work. We need to check if the tension of the belt is normal before the equipment works.
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