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Hydrating For Performance
05-18-2019, 04:05 PM
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Hydrating For Performance
Thinking through the options is Floraspring Reviews the first step. What is the water source? Bottled water for cooking, brushing your teeth, rinsing dishes/utensils. Running water for showering, hand washing clothes, and flushing the toilet. Cooking option is a hot plate. What to eat that is nutritious, but doesn't need refrigerating? There is a store selling yogurt and pasteurized milk two doors down, 15 minutes walking down the road gets you to vegetables/fruit stands (make sure you peel what you can since the pesticide and worm/dirt levels are high), and 35 minutes walking lands you at a convenience store where you can buy nuts, dried fruit, rice, muesli, vegetable soup packets, soap, toilet pater, and more. So far so good on the basics.

Do you remember what the basics are? Can you be satisfied with eating plain food? What do things taste like with minimal sauces and seasonings? Is tasting the basics an acquired taste? At home, it is always a struggle to watch calories, because of the ease of eating, not to mention the availability of high calorie foods. Part of the transformation here is finding items that are nutritious, safe to eat, and have valuable calories. Do you need a lot of variety to be satisfied? Is that the habit speaking or what the body dictates? A major mental shift created is eating as a necessity rather than a distraction.

Every time you eat you almost always have to peel, wash, or cook it--no just opening a can or pulling back a lid to satisfy hunger. Portions is another part of the equation. Having food available to cook and cooking an appropriate amount, since there isn't a refrigerator to store leftovers. Although, there are plenty of animals roaming around that can help out if needed.

The preparing/cooking/eating cycle is simple, but requires planning, (no running out to the store last minute to pick-up take out or grab a frozen dinner.) There is also a presence involved, since you aren't popping something into the microwave while you are doing 4 other things. Having sanitation in mind also contributes to the mindfulness of how the food is prepared and the state of the food which is going into your stomach. Anyone who has traveled in third world countries knows what happens when your gut bugs are turned upside down--not fun.
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