Summer Karting Leauge

Summer leagues are back at NOLA Motorsports Karting! Enjoy a different track layout each League Night and some friendly competition to earn bragging rights amongst the Racers!

You will have the opportunity to compete in 5 weeks of races, earn points in the standings and a chance to stand proud upon the Winner’s Podium!

*Drivers are not allowed to bring their own karts and must be 58″ tall to participate. Helmets and neck braces provided 

Prizes at end of season
1st Place
:     Trophy and three free races
2nd Place:   Trophy and two free races
3rd Place:    Trophy and one free race

Season starts Tuesday, July 13th.

$75 per race or $325 for 5 weeks
($50 savings if bought up front).

  • Tuesday, July 13th
  • Tuesday, July 27th
  • Tuesday, August 10th
  • Tuesday, August 24th
  • Tuesday, September 7th
  • 5:00pm: Check-in
  • 5:30pm: Mandatory Driver’s Meeting
  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm: Track Time

$10 Practice Sessions offered from 2:00pm-5:00pm every League Tuesday for League Racers only.

  • Weight Classes
    • Light: 175 lbs max
    • Medium: 176-199 lbs
    • Heavy: 200 lbs+
    • **If a certain number of registrations are reached, an additional class may be added
  • Race 1: Position on Grid randomly selected. The closer to P1 finish, the lower the points received. Karts are randomly assigned. 10 minute race.
  • Race 2: Grid position reverse order of Race 1. The closer to P1 finish, the lower the points received. Karts are randomly assigned. 10 minute race.
  • Final Race: Grid position based on total points received from first two races. The lower the points, the closer to P1. Karts are randomly assigned. 15 minute race.

POSITION                           POINTS
1ST                                         1
2ND                                        2
3RD                                        3
4TH                                        4
5TH                                        5
6TH                                        6
7TH                                        7
8TH                                        8
9TH                                        9
10TH                                      10


Green Flag: Indicates the Race has started or restarted.

Yellow Flag: Indicates there is an obstruction or a dangerous area on the track; proceed slowly and with caution.

Red Flag: Indicates all drivers must come to a full stop as quickly and as safely as possible until the incident has been resolved.

Rolled Black Flag: Indicates an individual has done something illegally and will be the one and only warning.

Waving Black Flag: Indicates an individual is immediately removed from the race and must Pit at next opportunity.

White Flag: Indicates the final lap of the race.

Checkered Flag: Indicates the race is over.



  • Weights will be taken at check-in of each League Night
  • Please arrive and check-in at the Karting Lobby one hour prior to the start of Track time
  • All Drivers are required to attend the Driver’s Meeting before accessing the Track. Drivers must adhere to any instructions prior to and during the race
  • Closed toe shoes, closed face helmets with full visors and neck braces are required for all Drivers
  • No bumping during the race
  • Reckless, dangerous and unsportsmanlike driving will be not be tolerated
  • NO FIGHTING. There is no tolerance for fighting. If fighting happens, the race is over for all participants and there will be no refunds
  • Additionally, the individuals directly involved in the fighting will be banned from racing
  • Consumption of drugs or alcohol prior to or during racing are strictly prohibited
  • Drivers must abide by all flagging guidelines
  • If a yellow flag occurs, Kart transponders will automatically slow each Driver down until the caution has been resolved
  • If a red flag occurs, all Drivers must come to a slow, controlled and complete stop
  • No passing under yellow or red flag conditions
  • No cutting the course
  • All Drivers must maintain two tires on or within the white lines at all times
  • All Drivers must remained seated in the Kart while on the Track
  • Crossing the timing loop is the responsibility of the Driver
  • Do not exit the Kart until instructed to do so and do not remove any safety gear until clear of the Track and Pit Lane
  • The word and decisions of Karting Staff is final in any situation
  • Refunds will not be issued for missed sessions, underperforming Karts, irresponsible Drivers or inclement weather



Updated After Round 1

Light Class

  1. Jahan
  2. Burnell
  3. Sawyer
  4. Connor L
  5. EJ
  6. Gage B
  7. Connor R
  8. Daniel E
  9. Jax
  10. Eddie V
  11. Kalvin C
  12. Vincent N
  13. Tiara W

Medium Class

  1. Brett B
  2. Bryce C
  3. Austin L
  4. Nick M
  5. Niel
  6. Joshua G
  7. Ryan B
  8. Mason C
  9. Chris T
  10. Carlos H
  11. Justin
  12. Darin C

Heavy Class

  1. Robbie V
  2. Benny B
  3. Wayne M
  4. Travis B
  5. Chester
  6. Joseph M
  7. Spencer B
  8. Zach R
  9. Garrett B
  10. Garrett G
  11. Cory S
  12. Chad C
  13. Enon M