We will announce on our FaceBook page the 2023 Karting League schedule.


  • Weight Classes
    • Light: 175 lbs max
    • Medium: 176-199 lbs
    • Heavy: 200 lbs+
    • **If a certain number of registrations are reached, an additional class may be added
  • Race 1: Position on Grid randomly selected. The closer to P1 finish, the higher the points received. Karts are randomly assigned. 10 minute race.
  • Race 2: Grid position reverse order of Race 1. The closer to P1 finish, the higher the points received. Karts are randomly assigned. 10 minute race.
  • Final Race: Grid position based on total points received from first two races. The higher the points, the closer to P1. Karts are randomly assigned. 15 minute race.

POSITION                           POINTS
1ST                                           15
2ND                                         12
3RD                                         10
4TH                                          8
5TH                                          6
6TH                                          5
7TH                                          4
8TH                                          3
9TH                                          2
10TH                                        1


Green Flag: Indicates the Race has started or restarted.

Yellow Flag: Indicates there is an obstruction or a dangerous area on the track; proceed slowly and with caution.

Red Flag: Indicates all drivers must come to a full stop as quickly and as safely as possible until the incident has been resolved.

Rolled Black Flag: Indicates an individual has done something illegally and will be the one and only warning.

Waving Black Flag: Indicates an individual is immediately removed from the race and must Pit at next opportunity.

White Flag: Indicates the final lap of the race.

Checkered Flag: Indicates the race is over.



  • Weights will be taken at check-in of each League Night
  • Please arrive and check-in at the Karting Lobby one hour prior to the start of Track time
  • All Drivers are required to attend the Driver’s Meeting before accessing the Track. Drivers must adhere to any instructions prior to and during the race
  • Closed toe shoes, closed face helmets with full visors and neck braces are required for all Drivers
  • No bumping during the race
  • Reckless, dangerous and unsportsmanlike driving will be not be tolerated
  • NO FIGHTING. There is no tolerance for fighting. If fighting happens, the race is over for all participants and there will be no refunds
  • Additionally, the individuals directly involved in the fighting will be banned from racing
  • Consumption of drugs or alcohol prior to or during racing are strictly prohibited
  • Drivers must abide by all flagging guidelines
  • If a yellow flag occurs, Kart transponders will automatically slow each Driver down until the caution has been resolved
  • If a red flag occurs, all Drivers must come to a slow, controlled and complete stop
  • No passing under yellow or red flag conditions
  • No cutting the course
  • All Drivers must maintain two tires on or within the white lines at all times
  • All Drivers must remained seated in the Kart while on the Track
  • Crossing the timing loop is the responsibility of the Driver
  • Do not exit the Kart until instructed to do so and do not remove any safety gear until clear of the Track and Pit Lane
  • The word and decisions of Karting Staff is final in any situation
  • Refunds will not be issued for missed sessions, underperforming Karts, irresponsible Drivers or inclement weather